Massage and Reflexology

in Brixworth and Northampton

at The Feel Good Factory Holistics

What is Reflexology and how can it help you?

Reflexology is the ancient art of gently massaging the feet or hands, working specific points to stimulate the corresponding organs, muscular and skeletal systems within the body.

Reflexology can be used to work restrictions in areas of the body that may be too tender for direct work. It is a very relaxing therapy and can unblock energy by stimulating the nervous and blood circulation systems which promotes self-healing and relaxation of the energy pathways. This will encourage the body's natural balance to return and pain may be reduced.

This treatment will gently work through all your body's systems - skeletal, muscular, digestion, endocrine, sinuses and lymph. If areas are found to be out of alignment they will be encouraged to rebalance. 

Don't worry if you haven't got 'perfect' feet - who has? All that I ask is, if possible, you give them a little wash before you come along but if you can't it's not a problem, as I will cleanse them at the beginning of the session. 

Unfortunately if you have a verruca, athletes foot or a fungal nail infection, I will not be able to carry out Reflexology but other therapies will be okay as long as the feet are kept covered.

Treatment duration and cost:

45 mins - £41.00

60 mins - £46.00